Effortlessly Beautiful Kali ka Tibba

By: Sep 5th, 2015 12:02 am

htwPlanning to go Chail? Then don’t forget to visit Kali Ka Tibba, located at the top of the hill in Chail. Kali ka Tibba is a temple dedicated to goddess Kali. It is located at the top of the mountain Blossom, which has been named after the Rajmata’s Cottage. Chail at an altitude of 2,250 meters is at a higher altitude than Shimla which is 2,213 meters above sea level. Shimla and Kasauli can be seen from Chail. The place provides a beautiful view of the surrounding Shivalik Range and the Choor Chandni Peak. Furthermore, travelers can enjoy trekking to the temple, during which they can see rare species of animals. Chail Sanctuary, cricket ground, and the Gurudwara are the main spots in Chail. Kali ka Tibba is an ideal destination for those who are looking for a secluded destination away from tourist crowds. If you are not in for longer trek routes you can just wander off into the woods for a peaceful walk or do a more strenuous hike up the hillside here or visit Kali ka Tibba, a temple atop a small hill. Angling and horse riding is also very popular in near Kali ka Tibba. The best time to visit this place is in monsoons between August and November as the thick forest cover around the temple gets green and pretty.

Meditative Trance of Tosh: Photography Exhibition in Chandigarh

htwA Chandigarh based photographer Nitin Rai Chaudhary, on the occasion of world photography month, organised a solo photography exhibition displaying selected collection of 20 photographs from travel expeditions to Tosh, Kullu at Famme Bois Bistro sector 7C Chandigarh. He named his exhibition The Tosh Trance. While speaking about Tosh, he said that Tosh stands for a place obviously, and as we understand trance word comes from a soulful music, here we have music in the sound of wind and it’s amazing and very relaxing for soul. That is how, many foreigners come from different part of world and stays here meditate for six months to a year. They say; we feel a positive energy here which is nowhere.

“Tosh is a place very close to me as I initiated with my first travelogue here and the next take is one short film on the culture of Tosh; how people stay and live such a simple life in such a manner,” said Nitin. Tosh is a tranquil and captivating getaway to satiate your hunger for the mountains. Tosh always calls you back, one trip is never enough, he added. The exhibition brought out some good places around Tosh and also displayed its beauty through the photographs. Tosh is ideal for meditation; peace and calm, as said Shiva have meditated here for 3000 years.

htwNitin Rai Chaudhary is humanitarian, street-side and travel photographer, living in Chandigarh. He captures time, beauty, people, places, nature.