India Need not Hanker after Talks with Pakistan

By: Aug 29th, 2015 12:23 am

Prof N.K. Singh

htwWhy should India run after Pakistan for talks? They say for good relations and to stop terrorism and border intrusion. It will never be achieved with Pakistan as those 66% people surveyed in India too feel there is no hope for it. Sartaj Aziz has shown true colours by threatening that they are a nuclear country. Pakistan will not give up its terror agenda as it is criminal enterprise to use the words of V. S. Naipal. The survival of Pakistan is not due to its economic or military power but its ability to convince the international community that it has enough terror explosive and if world wants to control it they should pay for it. Obviously they get aid on the pretext of eliminating terror and divert it to defense to torture India on its borders or through sending jihadis directly or indirectly. Will they sign agreement with Narendra Modi for suicide and nab all terrorists they are harbouring? It is now also clear that Dawood Ibrahim wanted for Bombay terror attack is also coolly relaxing at Karachi home. So was Osama Bin Laden in his safe heaven with wives watching erotic CDs. US may give warnings as recently hinted but it is all in vain since Pakistan knows that they need it for dealing with problems created and likely to be created in Afghanistan. Pakistan has very deep labyrinthine strategy like a glacier which is only visible in small surface but underwater in its massive underbelly. Pakistan wanted to steer clear of this bilateral meeting from very beginning. As soon as the date was announced the firing started and terrorist attack took place. The questions meeting Kashmiri terrorists were an excuse. When there is democratically elected government who were these separatist chosen by Pakistan representing? Who had elected them? These self-styled leaders have been given undue weightage by all governments in India due to their nuisance power. People in Pakistan in a poll too stated that meeting was more important than meeting separatists. While Pakistan press has criticized India for not allowing the talks to go on and even one paper declaring that it is clear stand against India, Indian papers response is interesting. Hindi and other language papers sharply criticized Pakistan for backing out but English media papers have taken a hazy middle path some thinking more maturity needed on both sides and others hoping for resumption soon.

India needs to control strongly its internal security and defense. We have to put up with occasional firing on border and explosions in the sensitive areas. All this is costly business of high tech equipment and espionage that can be learnt from Israel and used for internal defense. There is no purpose of asking Pakistan to stop it as they will not push button to stop it. If they agree they will utilize the non-state actors alibi and continue to bleed the fringes or sensitive areas of India. They will also subvert the development of Indian industry and technology. All intrusions on border need retaliating with force so that the attackers pay a price.

As was expected some media and opposition critics were constantly needling the process but it was baffling why the BJP leaders themselves were bragging or blowing their own trumpet differently and there was no discipline. No doubt Shatrughan Sinha is an actor and was doing his antics what happened to Yashwant Sinha who too started lamenting that he was not made minister and offered unsolicited advice on the proposed meeting. Disgruntled leaders of BJP have not been shown the red flag to stop such talks when crucial events are scheduled like election or bilateral talks. They seem to be living in their own paradise. While Shanta Kumar was silenced many others continue to voice their frustration. India should stop hoping in near future any fruitful dialogue with Pakistan on security or terror but it can open private channels for people contact as trade, commerce and social meeting of art literature, sports and culture. It will build confidence as public on both sides is friendly on individual level. Mr Anuag Thakur should forget that Pakistan will hand over Dawood for a cricket match. There is no use waiting for Pakistan to fall in line with expectations of India as they have their own compulsions and goals which they will pursue at any cost. It also furthers their jihadi agenda and clandestine operation in Afghanistan or butchering citizens of Baluchistan. People to people, non-government contact be made open but with proper security check. It is possible as population of Pakistan is not hostile to Indians on personal level and there is mutual desire to know and meet each other. This could ease avoidable tensions between two countries.

Bus Stand

(sent by Prem Singh Thakur)

First Passenger: In my village a man built a sewing school for women in the memory of his late father but why MLA refused to open it?

Second Passenger: He felt insulted that while word ‘Late’ was used to honour his father the same was not used for him in the building stone.