Haphazard Constructions Pose Threat to Environment

By: Aug 29th, 2015 12:22 am

Vinod Kumar

Needs and aspirations of humans have increased considerably with the passage of time and development of human civilization.  An analysis reveals rapid change in eating habits and lifestyle of people in the state and country that has led to many problems. One of them is unabated construction work that is going on everywhere and skyscrapers, roads and bridges are being constructed all across the country. Excessive stress on construction is slowly but continuously turning our villages into cities. There are set standards for quality and environment conservation as for as construction by government agencies are concerned but there is lack of such standards in private construction especially in construction of buildings. Unsafe and mismanaged method adopted in most of the construction activities in villages has emerged as a major worrying reason. There is a lack of scientific information among people in villages like selection of appropriate place and right direction for construction; what should be the quality standard according to geographical situation etc?

The lack of knowledge as to how to make construction good in perspective of environment conservation is evident easily at present and is posing new challenges. Irrigation and Public Health Department and Electricity Department are facing problem in providing drinking water facilities and erecting new lines because of mismanaged construction. Weird situation emerges sometimes for electricity department as they have to pass over the line over the private building of a consumer to extend electricity facilities to the other building. The mismanaged construction is also leading to clashes of personal interests leading to fights and tensions among families in cities and villages. It is emerging as a threat to the natural beauty of the hill state as well, which needs serious attention. The government can play a pivotal role in stopping the problem before it grows bigger. Help could be extended to the masses by appointing technical assistants at panchayat level to facilitate people in construction related activities. The problem of unsafe and mismanaged construction could be tackled easily if government makes it mandatory to avail suggestions and permission from technical assistant before starting any private construction. The need for more construction activities will keep on increasing but it should be ensured that the construction is not mismanaged and unsafe.