Declining Graph of Sports in Himachal Colleges

By: Aug 29th, 2015 12:21 am

Bhupinder Singh

Strength of sportspersons is following the declining graph in colleges of Himachal for the last one decade but for the last two years it has gone beyond even imagination. Lack of sportspersons could be witnessed easily in raising a team of any sports at college level where more than 2000 students are pursuing their education. Teams of colleges with sports hostel facility no doubt are good but the participation from the rest about 100 colleges in inter college sports meet is negligible or teams are sent only to complete the formality. There are some obvious reasons as to why sports are lacking at college level. Low sports budget in case of small and new colleges is one of them. It puts constraints on them to purchase sports kit and equipment and manage travelling and daily allowances of sportspersons. This is why it becomes difficult for such colleges to raise teams for inter college sports competitions. Some colleges could not hold sports activities because of lack of playground facility. Whatever may be the reasons for such conditions but this situation cannot be termed satisfactory in terms of all round development of students and expansion of sports in Himachal.

For the past few years, contract system has come into force in government job recruitments. Therefore the fit and able youth are preferring serving in army, defence forces and state police department. Because of low fees and proximity to residence, youth gets enrolled in college but focus their whole attention on defence services recruitments. This is the reason why first year graduate student could be seen absent in the campus next year. New team has to be raised every year if a dozen of fit college players get recruited in defence forces every year. This was not the case earlier. The student who once gets enrolled in first year in college stays for at least three years till his or her graduation degree gets completed. This resulted in constituting a strong team. But now even it is not confirmed that if this year’s winner team will participate in next year meet too. Besides this now exams are also conducting twice in a year under the RUSA pattern. It has emerged as a hindrance to organize sports competitions and training sessions. Interest needs to be created among students in sports at school level if we want to encourage sports and other youth activities at college level. Only then we will be able to find fit citizens that will contribute for the development of the country and unfurl the tricolor at international level.